The Vegan Prisoners Support Group (VPSG) was established in 1994 to campaign for the better care of vegans detained in police custody or within the prison system.

We offer information on any aspect of veganism, conduct research on any product, and have a free helpline available seven days a week for the use of police stations, prisons or any vegan prisoner who requires information or seeks our help.

Our services are provided free of charge.

Most of the nutritional information is obtained from The Vegan Society, whose own Prison Liaison Officer deals with the majority of prisoner enquiries.

The main role of the VPSG is to try to ensure that rules/regulations are updated, to compile information from vegan prisoners and to campaign for equal opportunities on behalf of any prisoner following a vegan lifestyle.

Although The Vegan Society deals with the larger proportion of prisoner enquiries, VPSG takes on individual test cases, allocating the prisoner a Case Worker which enables us to collect information as to how prisons are progressing over the years with regard to vegan prisoners.

Amongst these cases are prisoners who have received sentences of just a few months to others who have received much longer sentences.

These test cases have also helped to supply us with information on problem areas which different police stations and prisons encounter when dealing with this minority group and on the methods used to deal with these problems.

Our Case Workers have gained considerable experience as to how the Prison System works and the many complications that vegan prisoners encounter in their day-to-day lives. This has also helped to highlight which prisons are striving to ensure that this minority group is not discriminated against.

The purpose of our information pack is to help give some overall basic background information and guidance on the rights and requirements of vegans within the prison system.